Try out different products at our mattress showroom in Rockford, IL

You're Sure to Sleep Better on a New Mattress

Has your mattress lost all of its support? Do you sink into your mattress every time you lie down? If so, it's time to visit a mattress store in Rockford, IL. You're sure to be impressed by the selection at My Home Furniture.

We offer a full catalog of options, so you can expect to find the right mattress at our mattress showroom. Our helpful associates can recommend products based on factors like your sleep habits and budget. We can even deliver and assemble your mattress.

We recommend replacing your mattress every seven to ten years. That's because mattresses tend to:

Collect dirt, dust and dead skin cells
Promote bacteria growth
Soak up sweat

You could leave with a new, comfortable mattress after visiting our mattress showroom. Stop by at your leisure.

Ask what type of mattress is best for you

When you come to our mattress store in Rockford, IL, you can get free in-store assistance from our employees. We can help you...

Test out the most popular mattresses
Compare products from the leading brands
Find mattresses that are soft yet supportive

You can count on us recommend the right mattress for your needs.


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